PETER CLARK Principal Osteopath - BSc (Hons) Ost Med D.O N.D

PETER graduated from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2002 and went to New Zealand where he worked as the senior associate Osteopath and implemented some fundamental changes in the way the clinic worked and how patients were cared for. He has a strong underpinning of Fundamental Osteopathic principals and techniques focusing on assessing and treating incorrect biomechanical structure and improving function as a whole, not just looking at isolated areas of pain.

Peter has built a solid reputation in an award-winning practice in Highgate, London, that specialises in Frozen Shoulders, providing highly skilled treatments to many elite and high profile clients including some A-list celebrities.

His professional and caring nature allow Peter to be a very effective and understanding Osteopath and Rehabilitation specialist.

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As a registered osteopath, Mark takes a patient centred approach to treatment, looking not only at the symptoms but the factors that cause them. He enjoys treating patients from all backgrounds of life and varying ages; from babies to boxers.

Having spent 7 years in the Great Britain Kayak team during and prior to becoming an osteopath, Mark has a specialist understanding of the human body and the biomechanics that we all use day to day. He is a trained medical acupuncturist (dry needling), and employs the use of Kinesio tape where necessary. Having been trained personally by Peter in the Neil-Asher Technique, he has a further specialism in Frozen shoulder, and shoulder issues.

Mark takes a keen interest in current research and keeps up to date as much as he can between osteopathy and his own sporting endeavours.

Mark is a member of the GOsC and Institute of Osteopathy.

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