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What is a Frozen Shoulder?

By bodyworkscharlotte, May 11 2016 11:40AM

Frozen Shoulders are among the most painful shoulder conditions, greatly restriciting motion to the extent that the patient is unable to fully lift their arms and makes the simplest of tasks difficult.

Peter Clark, osteopath at Highgate Osteopaths and Bodyworks Clinic, is a frozen shoulder specialist and subscribes to the the Niel-Asher technique after working closely with him over the past 10 years. This technique provides a good alternative to surgery and is a more 'natural' method of treatment that utilizes the body's own healing mechanisms using a specific and unique sequence of manipulations and pressure points to the shoulder joints and soft-tissues. For more information on the technique visit http://www.frozenshoulder.com/NAT

The Symptoms for a Frozen Shoulder are listed in 3 phases as shown below- please note this section is taken straight from the Niel-Asher website http://www.nielasher.com/pages/frozen-shoulder

''Phase I of frozen shoulder is characterised by sharp catching spasms that may come suddenly for no reason at all. Another characteristic is night pain that may even wake you up at night, disturbing your sleep and affecting your energy levels.

During Phase II, the night pain usually goes away. In all phases of frozen shoulder, you will experience restricted shoulder and arm movement. The stiffness can be severe, especially with certain movements such as reaching behind your back or above your head. Unfortunately, this can make the simplest of tasks difficult, like brushing your hair.

The stiffness will last through all three phases of frozen shoulder syndrome; however, it usually begins during phase II.''

For further information or to book an appointment with Peter or one of his associates please call 0208 3476160 for Highgate, North London or 01753 893555 for Chalfont St Peter

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