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Quickfire questions with osteopath Mark Childerstone

By bodyworkscharlotte, Oct 18 2016 10:57AM

Last week we found out more about osteopath Peter Clark, so this week we take a look at what sparked fellow osteopath Mark Childerstone's interest and passion for Osteopathy? We asked him a few key questions....

What initially drew you to study osteopathy? I was initially drawn to osteopathy through personal recommendation for my own injuries. Once I looked further into the field, I knew it was what I wanted to do and geared all my education towards it.

What is the best bit about your job? The best part about the job is the ability to take people from debilitating pain to full function faster than they had ever expected.

What makes a good osteopath? Being a good osteopath is more than just the physical changes you bring towards the body, it is the ability to invoke a lasting change on the life style and habits of that person in order that they maintain their own health.

What do you like to do in your spare time? I can usually be found on my bicycle. I'm a member of London Phoenix CC and the Muswell Hill Peleton. If not on two wheels, I'm in the kitchen where I love to cook and switch the mind off.

Sep 20 2021 03:33AM by HealthTimes

Great article of Q&A. Thank you for this.

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